hillary Romero


Hi, there. So, you want to know a little bit more about me and the services I provide? No worries, let me introduce myself and my services.

I help companies improve their online presence

For several years, I used to work in the customer service field for large companies, learning the ins and outs of what customers really want.

But after spending countless hours behind a computer, I felt the need for a change. I loved the work, but craved something more meaningful, something that could make a real difference for businesses and also satisfy my professional growth. So, I decided to turn my passion for words and curiosity for technology into a career.

(I'm always online)

Who is Hillary?

Outside work, I love hitting the gym, doing Sudoku puzzles, and consuming content that adds value, depth, and meaning to life. These activities keep my mind sharp, my body active, and my spirit fueled.

My philosophy is simple: to write well, you need to live well – and I strive to bring this perspective into all aspects of my work.

How it started

Having worked in Customer Experience I refined my ability to understand what customers really want from a business, this skill allows me to create content that really connects with audiences in the SEO world, because top-notch SEO is really made for human, not algorithms.

How do I make it happen?

By merging my deep understanding of customer needs, my tech-savviness, and my writing skills. I use these to dive into audience behaviors, market trends, and the psychology of consumer needs. This unique approach allows me to create content that isn’t just search engine friendly, but also user friendly. Every piece of content is a chance to connect with someone, to answer their question, solve their problem, or fulfill their need. 

What’s the end game?

To harness the power of SEO and AI-powered content writing to make businesses shine online and truly connect with their audience. I don’t just want businesses to be found online, I want them to be remembered. By creating content that resonates with people on a deeper level, I aim to build bridges between businesses and their customers in the digital world.

Why work with me?


Communication is the key to success. I make sure it flows both ways so every single project runs smoothly.


I am always willing to collaborate with any members of your business and learn from them.

World Client

I can work with you no matter where you're based. As long as we can understand each other in the same language we can always work together!

Multi Language

I speak both English and Spanish at a native level. So, communication will never be an obstacle for us.

Remote Working

I can manage my own schedules to make sure I deliver work on time. Drop me a message, I'm always online.

On Time Delivery

It doesn't matter if it's a long project or you need an urgent task completed, I make sure to manage my schedule so I can meet your deadlines.

Want to talk?

If you'd like to discuss keyword research services for your business or any other SEO topics just drop a message! - I'll be happy to reply as soon as possible.